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Alternative to employer sponsored benefits purchasing


Minneapolis, MN. October 26, 2010 – The complexity, confusion and uncertainty of purchasing healthcare, insurance and other employee benefits is going away, thanks to BenefitReady™, a new distribution platform just launched by OutsourceOne, a benefits technology and administration company headquartered here.

BenefitReady provides a distinctive alternative to traditional employer sponsored benefits purchasing. The model utilizes the distribution of the financial service marketplace – banks, payroll administrators, credit unions associations to reach consumers. It also addresses the problem of uninsured and underinsured workers by offering a new model in health benefit deployment through OutsourceOne’s BenefitsReady web based technology.

To keep pace with the changing landscape of benefit programs and the problem of the working uninsured, OutsourceOne has developed a platform and suite of benefits designed to be available not only to employers for employees not currently covered by their traditional benefit plans. These plans are now also available through non-traditional health benefit sources such banks, other financial institutions, payroll companies and even utilities.

Products offered through BenefitReady comprise a full suite of benefits including limited medical plans, entail, vision, life, disability, AD&D, critical illness, identity theft and, for financial institution offering the benefits, a unique medical premium continuation (due to unemployment) for consumers and bank depositors, developed in partnership with Lloyd’s of London.

BenefitReady is a web-based enrollment software platform that can be used to offer benefits without any significant commitment of equipment or resources on the part of the offering organization. This non-invasive, bolt-on approach, combined with an attractive cost effective suite of benefits, offers a viable solution for employers looking to expand benefits to more employees or to get some relief from the increasing burden of resource hungry benefit programs.

Beyond distribution through financial institutions, other non-traditional channels such as associations and utilities, can also now offer benefit programs because the self contained nature of the program means all they need to provide is data, not insurance or technical expertise.

Bill Mehus, founder and CEO of OutsourceOne, Inc. explains that BenefitReady with its easy “Point, Click, Buy” methodology, means business leaders who have long lamented about the old models of benefit deployment and their attendant costs, now have a ready solution on the market.

Mehus reports that the BenefitReady platform of products has already been introduced to hundreds of thousands of consumers in Texas and will soon be rolled out in California, Minnesota and numerous other states. He adds that OutsourceOne hopes to introduce BenefitReady in all 50 states within 12 to 18 months.

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