OutsourceOne Success Stories

Ash Grove Cement Co.

Our company was using two different vendors to administer our FSA, COBRA plans and a retiree insurance billing program. This created a lot of extra work when an employee was terminated as there was a definite disconnect between our vendors. Also, our employees were very interested in using the debit card as part of the FSA program but the vendor we used at the time was unable to comply with a debit card program.

OutsourceOne's ability to manage our Retiree billing, FSA and COBRA plans at the same time has eased our administrative burden. With one termination notice OutsourceOne is able to send out COBRA notices for all plans associated with our employees. OS1 was also able to provide our employees with a top notch debit card program for our FSA plan.

The administration and compliance issues we were facing with COBRA and FSA have improved dramatically since OutsourceOne was brought onboard. We have replaced two different vendors with one high quality vendor and we are now assured that both our COBRA and FSA will be coordinated and handled correctly. Also, OS1 has done a great job handling our retiree billing program. Our retiree's now receive their billing coupons in a timely manner and have access to a reliable source when they have questions concerning any billing issues.

OS1 is a real pleasure to work with as they are very responsive and go to great lengths to be sure issues are handled quickly and correctly.

Benefits Manager
Ash Grove Cement Co.