OutsourceOne Success Stories


OutsourceOne has improved the reputation of our department immensely! Before transitioning to OS1, we spent a lot of time with our employees explaining how to use the online benefits system and we would often find it necessary to conduct several follow-up email exchanges to ensure that the system did what the employee wanted it to do. We constantly had to reach out to our vendors directly to request manual enrollments because the files that were sent to the carriers would be missing important data. The amount of time we spent correcting errors and performing damage control was becoming unbearable!

The team at OS1 is top-notch. Since our move to the OS1's on-line system, we have regained employee confidence and satisfaction. The system is very user-friendly both from the perspective of the employee and the benefits team administrator. Data is sent timely and correctly. The IT team at OS1 listened to our frustrations and needs and created files to our specification. They also worked in harmony with our internal IT to ensure that the files transmitted to and fro were compatible and efficient. The data we send them appears on line as scheduled without delay or error. The on line system also moves quickly through the election screens - employees rarely complain about system slowness or freezes.

OutsourceOne has allowed us to find the time to revisit projects put on the back-burner for lack of time. Because OS1 has a system that doesn't require constant care, we are able to quickly review bills and put through payment. We do not spend time auditing and questioning the back-up documentation. OS1 has taken the aggravation out of the equation and we now breathe easily when an employee calls and asks about changing his or her beneficiaries on line or adding a newborn. We no longer spend hours spinning our wheels over minor system issues. Our decision to transition to OS1 hasn't once been questioned or put in doubt because OS1 knows not only why to do the job but how to successfully execute!

Benefits Manager