OutsourceOne Success Stories

Sur La Table

Our reputation as a department has improved dramatically...
as a result of our decision to partner with OutsourceOne.

Before OutsourceOne we consistently needed our administrator to audit their data against our payroll data and the data our insurance providers had because the integrity of the data was always in question.  The deductions being passed to us from our administrator was commonly incorrect and the enrollment data sent to our insurance providers was flawed.  The data discrepancies led to improper payroll deductions, incorrect enrollments and incorrect billing.  In addition to the administrative work needed to correct these errors, the integrity of our department was damaged and overall employee impression of our benefits administration was not good.

OutsourceOne knows how to manage their system and provide excellent customer service in support of their system.  Benefits administration will never be a task that is completely hands off.  Every company is unique in their structure and benefit offerings.  OutsourceOne's system is flexible enough to accommodate those unique structures and their customer service is as well.

Because of our affiliation with OutsourceOne, I can concentrate on my other responsibilities instead of wondering if our enrollments are correct or if our billing is accurate.  Our employees have become familiar with the BenefitReady system and the customer service team and I can rest easy knowing that the information being provided to our employees is correct and helpful. Our reputation as a department has improved dramatically as it relates to the administration of our benefits as a result of our decision to use OutsourceOne as our partner.

HR Business Analyst
Sur La Table, Inc.