What products can I purchase with an FSA Card?

Have questions about your Flexible spending Account?

Can I pay for over the counter drugs with an FSA?
Can I use my FSA to pay for out of pocket costs related to my insurance, such as co-payments or deductibles?
What if I don't use all of the money in my account by the end of the year?
I have a health savings account. Can I also have an FSA??
Can I use my FSA to pay for dependents' medical expenses?

Products you may not have known were FSA Eligible

Coppertone Sunblock Lotion SPF-15, 8oz
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Triple Strength caplets
Sunscreen Lip Balm Banana Boat 0.15 oz
Sea-Band Original Wristband, One Size Adult
One-a-Day Women's Prenatal
GoodNites Boys Underpants for Nightime, S/M 26 ea
Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist